June 9


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YUP! You read that correctly. Build. Our. Cigar. I have reached into the depths of my kindness to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity: To build a cigar by the Punch Brotherhood, for the Punch Brotherhood. 

Right now, you can vote on body, flavor, color, length and ring gauge. Then I will head back to the Punch lab to take everyone’s vote into consideration and build the ultimate Punch Brotherhood Cigar blend. 

"Mr. Punch, Mr. Punch, once you make the blend, is that all that happens?"

Hell no! 

Immediately after I find this magical Brotherhood blend, I’ll get to work doing what I do best: making the best cigars on Earth. That’s right, you’re going to get to smoke these bad boys. 

Your very own cigar, created and enjoyed by YOU! Heck, later in 2020, I’m even going to let you pick the band and box design. This is all part of the 180th Anniversary of Punch Cigars so go right now and build your Brotherhood cigar and celebrate along with me! 

Let’s Get Crafting!


Mr. Punch



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  • Kim 29/09/2020 2:50pm (3 years ago)

    Mr Punch,
    Let's. Do. This. Pow!

  • Alejandro Esquivel 23/06/2020 2:51pm (3 years ago)

    I'm all in!!! Feel like a kid in a candy store. Ahem, yes, that'll be fine.

  • ghostshadow 10/06/2020 10:36am (3 years ago)

    Vitola: Robusto 5 x 50
    Filler:San Andrés Maduro
    Wrapper: Mata Fina

  • Bobby 10/06/2020 9:41am (3 years ago)

    Hell yeah Mr. Punch!! Making mine right now!

  • Joey R. 09/06/2020 2:05pm (3 years ago)

    Mr. Punch! You have got to be kidding me- Is this for real?!? You, fine sir, run the best cigar brand in the world.

    Thanks, Mr. Punch!!

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