March 14

A Badass Smoke... Knuckle Buster Maduro

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Ladies and gentlemen, I have done it again. It is I, your fearless leader, Mr. Punch, with some awesome news – so clear a spot in your humidor because it’s about to go down.


That’s right; Punch. Knuckle. Buster. Maduro.

It just gets better after every word.

After you raved about how amazing a job I did on crafting Punch Knuckle Buster Habano, I knew I had to come back with yet another amazing cigar, packed full of delicious Maduro notes. So I did.

Knuckle Buster Maduro is wrapped in a glorious Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, bound in a premium Indonesian leaf and finished with delicious Nicaraguan fillers. The sum of these parts will leave you with notes of cocoa, black cherry, nuts and molasses. But, more simply – it’s a damn good cigar.

Available in Robusto (5 X 52), Toro (6 X 50) and Gordo (6 X 60), I am pleased to announce that Knuckle Buster Maduro is on shelves now, and since it is a full-time release, you will be able to get your hands on this delicious smoke for as long as I love meat and beer. And that’s forever.

So all I can say now is – you’re welcome for a badass Maduro cigar made for badass cigar smokers like you.

-Mr. Punch

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  • HAWAII 411 17/03/2022 5:27am (24 months ago)

    I had a chance to puff on one already and enjoyed it! I would love to get another sample and compare it to the first time! It's a beautiful looking smoke that has a nice oily sheen to it's maduro wrapper.It also has a reasonable price attached to this new found friend!

  • Monique Bowens 16/03/2022 3:40pm (24 months ago)

    Can wait to put that cigar between my fingers and pull on this crisp flavor of smoke..thank you for your creations

  • Kipper 15/03/2022 5:06pm (24 months ago)

    Sounds amazing!

  • Jeremy Horst 15/03/2022 4:35pm (24 months ago)

    Smoked it a week or more ago. Great stick at an even better price!

  • Blair Punishcutioner 15/03/2022 4:35pm (24 months ago)

    Nice one Punch stick.

  • Blair Punishcutioner 15/03/2022 4:34pm (24 months ago)

    Very nice

  • Blair Punishcutioner 15/03/2022 4:33pm (24 months ago)

    Very nice

  • Richard Harris 15/03/2022 4:03pm (24 months ago)

    Awesome! Really looking forward to this!

  • Paul Panepinto 15/03/2022 2:13pm (24 months ago)

    What a fantastic stick! Complex,rich thick smoke! Coffee toffee Carmel lite pepper dark cherry baking chocolate! I love Punch Cigars

  • Don Juan 15/03/2022 1:36pm (24 months ago)

    Awesome. Cannot wait to get my grubby hands on a box.

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